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9.5/10 condition (2 small blemishes) 

slightly used

original bands unused 

Why buy with Wireless Kinect? 

Not only are we a locally owned and operated business with the Chamber of Commerce but we take great pride in what we do, how we treat customers and being the 1 stop shop for everything Electronics. 


We offer Certified Pre-Owned Electronics. 

Each new-to-you smartphone, tablet or computer/laptop goes through standard checkpoints to ensure all parts function as should including identifying known or potential Manufacture Defects. 

All smartphones and tablets with Cellular connection are backed by our Lifetime IMEI Guarantee. (What is an IMEI and why is that guarantee so important?*)


Compatibility: This is an Unlocked Carrier Device. It is compatible with any CDMA or GSM SIM card carriers. Ready to be activated worldwide!


60 Day Warranty against Manufacture Defects. Physical or Water Damage Voids ALL and ANY Warranties. 



Actual Watch in photos

Charging Cable 

Original Box 



*An IMEI, International Mobile Equipment Identity, is what carriers use to pair their SIM card to the Mobile Device and use the network. Carriers do BLOCK IMEIs if they are flagged for non-payment or reported Lost/Stolen. Most carriers do not reverse this unless you are the original owner and often times leads to an expensive electronic paperweight.